About Us

Snuggleblanks grew out of a simple need for nappies that would fit the larger-than-average child and were still super absorbent, something that disposable nappies simply don’t do. So our Vicky switched on a sewing machine and after a few attempts, the Snuggleblanks nappies were born.

Ever since then, we have been approached by parents to make nappies, pull-ups and pants for their children, leading to the variety of products we now sell.

As demand grew, so did the children, and we have taken on special orders for older children, teens and adults with continence problems.

After starting to do research in the field of adult continence garments, we found that the market is full of disposable products that are, more often than not, uncomfortable and very expensive in the long run. Our range of reusable continence slips have therefore been made with both security and comfort in mind, and have the added bonus of durability, due to being hand-made and using only superior quality fabrics.

Along our way, we have been gladly receiving feedback and suggestions from customers and have so been able to create the products we proudly sell today.

Currently, our garments are being tested in a clinical trial at the University College London and University of Southampton that is working with patient representatives to find suitable continence solutions for prostate cancer sufferers.

With every passing day and every customer that gives feedback, it becomes clearer to us that our garments help people of all shapes and sizes (which is why we make garments with individual measurements to order) and we are proud to say that we can make a difference in the lives of so many.

Join us on our way to make life better one cloth garment at a time.