Confused about cloth? Which reusable nappy is which?

Posted by Vicky Blanken on 9/11/2018 to Feature products
Confused about cloth? Which reusable nappy is which?

All In One Nappy Pocket Nappy V Superwetter Quickdry Nappy with wrap V Pull Up...

Which one's for you?

**If you're new to cloth nappies, thinking of making the switch from disposable to cloth and want something self explanatory and easy to use with good containment then the All In One is a good starting point.

All-In-One/Pocket Nappy

With a built in hidden waterproof layer and pull out core these are easy to fit and quick to dry.

Suitable for moderate wetters day and night.

**If you're looking for something highly absorbent and long lasting then our Superwetter Quickdry made with soft bamboo terry, foldout cotton core and separate waterproof wrap is for you.

The nappy itself features gently elasticated legs and leak guards for secure fit, whilst a separate waterproof layer also featuring elasticated legs and back gives an extra barrier of security and assurance.

*Best Seller* Superwetter Quickdry - Fitted Night Nappy

Suitable for moderate to extra heavy use, particularly ideal for nighttime.

***Want something less 'nappyish'?

Our pullups are a great alternative for light to moderate wetters. Like a pocket nappy, they can have as much or as little absorbency as required added. With discreet side snaps for easy removal and available in a range of prints and colours these are very popular as a nighttime pyjama pant

Pull- Up Pants - Jersey

Pull-Up Pants - Poplin Prints

All of our nappies are available in infant to adult sizes.

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