Fabulously funky fleece!

Posted by Vicky on 9/11/2017 to Feature products
Fabulously funky fleece!

Yesterday I was chatting to a customer about the challenge of night-time heavy wetters.

I'd just run some fleece boardies up for our Xander as we find them to be a soft and comfortable alternative to your typical waterproof wraps and it occurred to me that I had no fleece on the website at present. That hastily rectified, I thought it worth sharing what I know on the subject as it's a BRILLIANT solution for champion piddlers!

'So what's the deal here!?', I hear you cry? 

Well, it's all kind of magic really, but I'll put my teacher hat on and try to explain as scientifically as I can.

Fleece is a synthetic fabric that draws moisture away from the skin and allows air to circulate. Body warmth helps the moisture to evaporate giving it less opportunity to be trapped against and irritate the skin. And because it's breathable your little one is less likely to be hot and bothered than whilst wearing a PUL (polyurethane laminate) cover, even during warmer summer days and nights. Our Xander snoozed away the summer in a fine selection of fleece boardies.

You can adorn your child in fleece wraps, fleece soakers, and fleece longies and boardies...all sorts!

There are so many advantages to using fleece!

*Gentle on the skin - many PUL wraps can leave marks around chunky little legs

*Good value - fleece has many of the great benefits of wool covers (water repellent, breathable and comfortable) but at a fraction cost.

*Easy to care for - can be washed with normal clothing and dries superduper quick.

*Double up as nappy cover and clothing - I've often been asked to make for adults, they're that cosy and funky (a close friend of mine is actually grumbling as I've had no time to make his requested camo shorts... )

*Reusable - not just in the sense as in non-disposable, you may also find you can reuse the same item multiple times before washing. An airing does them wonders between wears!

A fleece cover will only ever work with a good absorbent nappy however. Unlike a PUL wrap it is not waterproof but water repellent so don't expect to get away with a skinny nappy underneath. Also be aware that fleece works better for children that move around a lot as the moisture has more chance to escape. A child that sleeps like a log may experience compression leaks when the nappy is at maximum saturation. 

So there you have it.

Fleece is fun, comfy, cheap and comes in an array of bright funky designs and patterns. 

Why not give it a try!


This is our bedtime combo tonight

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