Merry Twixmas!

Posted by Vicky on 12/29/2023 to News
Merry Twixmas!
Ah, it's that funny time of year when noone knows what day it is, and any sense of routine has gone out of the window.
However, my kids are rooted in their rooms with their Christmas gifts, so it's time to crack on with the sewing!

Today I've got a mixed bag on the go with superwetters, all in ones and swimmers, but I'm DELIGHTED to introduce a couple of new designs (red stars and camo skulls) into the swim and pullup range, which will be added later today!

As mentioned before, unfortunately raw material costs are creeping up, and whilst I'm loathe to increase prices, as a small made-to-order business, needs must.

BUT head on over to the Snuggleblanks website NOW for a 15% off your favourite fluff using code XMAS23 at checkout! 



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