Original Superwetter - cotton fitted nappy

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The Superwetter Original nappy with unique hourglass core is designed to be super absorbent for very heavy wetters, making it idea for nightime use.

Comes with matching trifold booster for even more protection. 

This set is made with brushed cotton, for fast absorbency suitable for those that tend to flood nappies fast! Requires a waterproof wrap or cover. 

To measure for size:
R = Rise, which is the measurement from the waistband at the back, between the legs, to where the waistband will sit just below the belly button.
W = Waist, which is the measurement around the waist where you want the waistband to sit. Usually where underwear band would be.
If you put your measurements in the comments when you order, we can ensure a good fit as items are made to order.

Handmade in the UK, by real people that care about your comfort

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