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Posted by Vicky Blanken on 3/6/2018 to Feature products

Many people come to us looking for something to cope with nocturnal enuresis and heavy bedwetting.

We offer several products to manage this condition, but we'll focus tonight on our bestseller:

**The Superwetter Quickdry & Wrap (also known as the Contislip Light for adults)**

This features an absorbent bamboo terry shell, with stay-dry microfleece inner against the skin, and inner leak guards to guide flow and aid containment, just as in a disposable. The legs and back are gently elasticated to ensure a snug fit.

Into the elasticated pocket at the back you can insert as many foldable brushed cotton inserts as required. One is ideal for trim daytime use, however each nappy will contain up to three inserts for extremely heavy wetters.
Most people find two is sufficient for moderate to heavy wetters. In infant sizes this gives containment of around 1 -1.5 litres, reaching an astonishing 2.5 - 3 litres for larger sizes.

The Quickdry is shaped similar to a disposable and fastens with hook and loop tabs, again not unlike a disposable. These tabs also feature laundry tabs which can be folded back when washing to reduce the chance of tangling.

Over the Quickdry nappy we recommend using one of our wraparound waterproof wraps with PUL barrier and patterned outer.

Many people question why we recommend a two part system rather than an all in one nappy.
The answer is quite simple - security and containment.
Nightime leaks are perhaps the biggest quibble we encounter.
The Superwetter Quickdry and Wrap means leaks have to contend with two elasticated barriers.
Add this to the stay-dry inner and comprehensive absorbency and we've produced a system that can last around 12 hours in comfort with no leaks.

Each nappy should last 200+ washes too meaning they work out cheaper than disposable options. 

Available in infant sizes from around 12lbs right up to Adult XL (65" waist approx)

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