World Earth Day 2021

Posted by Vicky on 4/22/2021 to News
World Earth Day 2021

World Earth Day 2021

April 22nd marks World Earth Day 2021 with the aim being to reduce climate change by making changes to the way with live. 

Every little change make can make a difference.

We know disposable nappies have their place in todays society and we're not here to preach...they're convenient, trim and often provided free through the NHS for older users...
... but switching out just one disposable a day can make a huge difference. 


Landfill overload

Using a reusable nappy such as our Superwetter Quickdry at night for example could save more than 365 disposables a year from landfill.

To put it in perspective, piled up those disposables would be almost as tall as the imposing 20 metre high Angel of the North in Tyne and Wear... all for the cost of a couple of pairs of jeans or less. 

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