World Earth Day 2022

Posted by Vicky on 4/22/2022

April 22nd marks World Earth Day.

Whilst our products are focused on quality and comfort, the seeds of Snuggleblanks were sown 12 years when I made a conscious decision to use reusable nappies with my newborn daughter. 

I hated the idea of throwing out multiple nappies a day and wanted to minimise our impact on the environment if at all possible, so I set myself up with a reusable nappy kit, which I used with my 2 boys too. 

I then designed bigger and bigger nappies as I realised my autistic daughter wasn't going to toilet train within the usual expected time parameters. Not only did I want to continue using cloth at this point, quite frankly there weren't any disposables that would comfortably fit my big strong girl!

There's no questioning that disposable nappies and continence pads do have their place in society; with our busy lives, it's not always easy to carry about a reusable change. 

However let's think about the impact of switching out even just one nappy/pad per day let's say at night-time. 

Firstly, you may well find a reusable like our Superwetter Quickdry or ContiSlip will last longer than a standard disposable, saving two garments from the bin.
But let's work with one...

Using just one reusable per day saves 365 nappies from landfill per year. 

To put that visually, let's hypothetically say one bin bag will contain twelve nappies (size dependent), that's thirty bags of waste per year! 

Stack those one on top of the other and you'd reach around eighteen metres high (that's the size of George Washington's face on Mount Rushmore!)

So what's my point? We can't all be Greta Thunberg, but by making one small change to our habits, we can make a change to the bigger picture. 

You may even find your authorities or healthcare providers may assist in footing some of the costs: they too are under immense pressure to make changes. The worst they can do is say no...

If you need more advice on how our nappies work, please get in touch. [email protected]

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