Reusable Pull Up Pants - Jersey

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Our pull up pants have an internal pocket for adding your own absorbency, side snaps for easy changing, and hidden waterproof layer for absolute security.
With a soft microfleece inner and comfortable cotton outer, they mould and adapt to body shape. 

*Includes one cotton insert as standard. Team with additional boosters or use your own nappy inserts. 

**Please note, these are suitable for light-moderate wetting. For heavy wetting, please see our superwetters and wraps**

To measure for size:
R = Rise, which is the measurement from the waistband at the back, between the legs, to where the waistband will sit just below the belly button.
W = Waist, which is the measurement around the waist where you want the waistband to sit. Usually where underwear band would be.
If you put your measurements in the comments when you order, we can ensure a good fit as items are made to order.

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